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Jiu-jitsu loving transformational coach, multipreneur, and mom

I have always struggled with busyness and not having "enough" time. When I was in college, I couldn't balance work and play (surfing was always more appealing than studying). I can remember one semester crying in a bathroom stall when I realized there was no way I could catch up with my work in time to avoid failing a class. 

When I got married, "busy" took on a whole new meaning when I took over my mother-in-law's art business when she was diagnosed with ALS. Peggy was a beloved local watercolor artist and when she fell ill, we created a care group following the guidance of a life-changing book called, Share the Care. With the support of our group, the "Peg's Legs", Peggy was able to continue painting, living at home, and living her best life for 6 meaningful years. 

There I was, barely 30, with two kids under the age of three, running an art business and a complicated and intense care system with hundreds of caregivers and daily medical and financial issues to manage. I was chronically desperate for more time, more energy, more balance, and more money. There was so much beauty and joy in that time of my life, but I also was on the edge of a breakdown nearly everyday. 

Overwhelmed, burnt out, and stressed out, but doing my best.

After Peggy's death, I continued my struggle with never having enough time/energy/balance/money. I struggled through the opening and shutting down of an art gallery that tanked, a heartbreaking divorce, multiple jobs to make ends meet, and the usual demands of motherhood. I was so lost and felt so broken, but I was determined to rebuild my life. In an attempt to regain control of at least one area of my life, I joined a magical little box gym. This one inspired act would lead me to transform my life physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, professionally and spiritually. 

I joined their team as a fitness coach and was obsessed with coaching and creating more time and energy for myself and our clients. I researched, I experimented, I transformed myself inside and out. I started a coaching business. I started a podcast with a partner that turned into another dream business. I found my soulmate sport, Brazilian jiu-jitsu. I fell in love with an amazing man. 

I loved the way my life was re-blooming and from the outside I certainly looked healthy and happy. But inside, I still felt like I was always racing against the clock. I was "productive" but I was also stressed, tired, and low on patience. Bloodwork showed that my adrenals were depleted and my skin was a mess. I tried every productivity strategy, time management tool, and supplement on the planet. But somehow it wasn't working for ME. 

Blessed, but still stressed and still struggling.

I began to realize that all the productivity and time management books, articles, podcast and programs I was following were created by men. At the time, I was the only female in a business mastermind and their issues were so different from mine and their guidance, while well-intended, just didn't resonate or would only help temporarily. It seemed like the harder I tried to follow traditional productivity strategies designed by men for men, the more stress and pressure it seemed to create in my life. 

I started to seek out female mentors and role models that worked in a different way. I committed to slowing down in order to speed up. I began to tap into my intuition and listen to what my body and spirit needed. I softened my hard-edged masculine approach to productivity and tapped into my feminine wisdom. I began tracking my cycle and my energy. I began to heal my relationship with time with self-love, compassion, and wise woman witchery. Everything in my life improved when I started working WITH who I am instead of against it.  

This is ongoing practice, but now whenever I feel the heaviness of "too much" on my plate or the temptation to slip into old thought patterns around time scarcity, I have confidence in my ability to create time, energy, and white space when I need it. 


Healthy, time rich, and happier than ever!

This feminine approach to productivity has allowed me to accomplish more with less stress and less effort. Over the past 6 years, I have built and continue to run two beautiful businesses. I manage a household with 2 teens, 2 cats, a dog, and a loving partner. I spend quality time with my parents, my kids, my partner, and my friends. I workout daily - jiu jitsu, kickboxing, or strength and conditioning - and I teach kids' jiu-jitsu and women's self-defense classes. I have the time to help manage and support my partner's career as a professional Mixed Martial Artist. I have time to learn, to create, to work, to play and frankly, I can't tell which is which because it pretty much all feels like play these days. 

Imagine a world where all the women you know had more than enough time to pursue their biggest dreams, to create, to show up 100% in all areas of their lives. What would be possible for you if you worked with your biology, intuition, and feminine superpowers to step into the highest version of yourself everyday? What could you do and WHO WOULD YOU BE if you had had limitless time, energy and white space to bring all of your visions to life? I want you to know that this is possible for you, you deserve it, and I'm here to help 💖

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