About Kimi

Soul-Aligned Business Mentor,
Kids Jiu-Jitsu Coach, Mom

I am an energetic problem solver always seeking and creating new methods for increasing efficiency, productivity, abundance, ease, expansion, health, joy, and FREEDOM in our lives. I believe with all my heart that the ability to create more time and live in beautiful state of being is EVERYTHING.

I love helping people to reclaim their time, focus, energy, schedule, and JOY because we all have the same fears. The fear that time is slipping away. The fear that our kids are growing up too fast. The fear that all the sh*t we have going on is distracting us from what really matters.

We worry that we're not paying enough attention to our spouses, our family, our friends, our health. We're freaked the f*ck out because we feel ourselves getting older and we know that we only have so much time to create the life of our dreams for ourselves and our family.

Yes, spoiler alert, we're not getting out of here alive. But my mission is to help people to truly LIVE and make the most out of every single blessed day we are given. Life is not something we're meant to "get through". It breaks my heart to hear about people living for the weekend, or their next vacation, or freakin' retirement!

Your life is happening NOW. Your kids want to play, your bae wants to cuddle, the ocean is calling you, the dreams you've stuffed down and labeled "not practical" are waiting for you to CREATE THE TIME to dance with them.

But "more time" and "a beautiful state of being" aren't things that just fall into your lap...you must consciously choose them and create them. THAT is what I do in my own life and what I LOVE to help others do. Your life is happening now. Let's go! 

In Numbers

  • 18+ years as an entrepreneur/business owner

  • 15+ years as a mom (2 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog)

  • 7+ years as a life + business coach

  • 5+ years as a podcaster and the co-owner of BossUp.media

  • 4+ years as a kids jiu-jitsu coach at Egan Inoue Jiu-jitsu

  • 0 days without coffee ☕️

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