Everything Sexy Nama-Slay Simplify September 🤣

I'm back from a Boss Up Media work trip to Toronto with my work wifey 4 lifey Pua. We were there for Stu McClaren's Tribe Live conference. We had a great time, ate great food, met cool people, and had A LOT of time to reflect on our business(es) and lives.
Here we are about to move into SEPTEMBER, which my BFF Courtney and I have declared as...wait for it...
LOL! Yeah, it's a mouthful (pun intended) and not the simplest title, but it feels PERFECT. We're bringing SEXY back and Nama-slaying our goals like the bad bitches we are. The bad bitch in me sees the bad bitch in you.
When Court was here in Hawaii, we took a pole dancing class and our badass instructor Jamie, who moved like a slinky sexy leopard, told us, "here, we do EVERYTHING sexy." That really stuck with us and so as we move into MY BIRTHDAY MONTH, we're committed to doing EVERYTHING sexy. Cleaning the cat litter sexy, checking email sexy, everything everything sexy.
My other NEW FIERCE commitment to myself is SIMPLIFYING MY LIFE. I'm streamlining and simplifying ALL THINGS and part of that means that I will be spending LESS time on the little things that don't excite me or move the needle forward and MORE time doing things that bring me joy and create massive momentum in my life.
To put it simply - I'm committed to doing LESS with more FOCUS and I am so fucking excited about it.
I've been tracking my time like a boss and ruthlessly cutting out the things that no longer align with my big vision. I feel lighter, stronger, and sexier. I'm taking up space and creating the SPACE for my next up-leveling. This is the power of intention and commitment. 
What is your intention and commitment for September?

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