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Uncategorized May 02, 2019

As a coach and a friend, I talk with A LOT of women and what I know for sure is that this is a time when we need sisterhood more than ever. Spirit has been shouting at me to do this, so I FINALLY listened and created a private Facebook Group for Goddesses creating BIG MAGIC in this world (sometimes I'm stubborn and Spirit has to SHOUT!). 

I created this group as a safe space for women to speak their TRUTH, to practice showing up as their authentic selves, to master the dance between creating comfort in our lives and pushing past our comfort zones, and to simply raise our collective vibration so we can, you know, change the f*cking world. 

The Goddess Gang is a sacred space for Bad Bitches, Good Witches, Quantum Queens, and Gangsta Goddesses. Sisterhood and magic to support you as you create ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that your Goddess heart desires - businesses, abundance, love, freedom, families, white space - whatever you want the time is NOW.

Does that resonate with you? If it's a HELL YEAH (and nothing else) then please join us here


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