The Magical "Bullshit Bell"

This may look like a cute little bell fit for a diva (and it is), but it is also SO much more than that. This bell has a powerful story AND magical powers. ⁣ Last year, I had the honor of co-hosting a retreat with transformational coaches Tarah Long and Ryan Charaba, called “Shift to Rise”. It was a powerful experience designed to help our attendees reconnect to their truth, reclaim their power, and create a life of true freedom. Anyone that attended knows that this bell is our BULLSHIT BELL. ⁣⁣

The first step in remembering and owning who you are is letting go of all the BULLSHIT you have been telling yourself about who you’re NOT. During our special time together, we challenged our retreat attendees to question every single thing they thought was “true” about themselves and their lives. ⁣ This isn’t always easy. Some of the BS stories we have about who we are, what the world is like, and we’re capable of (or not) have been with us for our whole lives, maybe even many lives. ⁣

Our thoughts and beliefs pile up in our lives like clutter. You gotta make like Marie Kondo and periodically dump them all out on the bed and look at them one by one. If they spark joy, great. If not, you know what to do. ⁣ Over the course of our retreat, we rang this special little bell anytime someone started to tell a bullshit story as if it was truth. It would go something like this: “I would REALLY love to quit my unfulfilling job, BUT I don’t have enou----RING RING RING!!!!” ⁣

It was so funny and so effective to see how quickly we trained ourselves to be acutely aware of our limiting beliefs and BS stories. By the end of the retreat, we would wince a little and stop ourselves before the bullshit could escape our lips. We were ringing our own bell and ringing that bell on others. It was impossible NOT to hear our bullshit. ⁣

I keep this bell on my desk to remind me that I will not entertain any story about myself that I don’t want to be true. When I start moving from my expansive excited heart to my contracted fearful mind, I RING MY BELL reclaim my power. ⁣I ring it A LOT. ⁣ So what BS story will you #konmari out of your life today? ⁣RING THAT BELL!⁣


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