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Too busy? Procrastinating? Overwhelmed? This might be what's REALLY going on...

I coach people all day long to get out of their own way, shine their light, share their gifts and SERVE their asses off! But lately, I have found myself tweaking and tweaking my own website (this one you're reading this on), my about me page, my offer copy, all the things...and NOT sharing it with ANYONE. I've been putting my site on the backburner, telling myself that I'll work on it soon so that I can get it "just right" before I put it out there.
I can pretend that I've been "too busy" or "focused on other things". I can tell myself that it's because my biz partner BFF Pua and I have a digital media company and Pua is wayyy better at websites than me (seriously, you guys, she's a magical wizard) so I need to impress her or at least not make our company look bad. 
But what I know from coaching many many clients through this type of thing, this is not about busyness, too much on my plate, or impressing Pua (who by the way, graciously...
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