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Private coaching, group coaching, and courses to create the clarity, habits, and systems you need to perform at your peak

Services 🤓

Private coaching, group coaching, and courses to create the clarity, habits, and systems you need to reach your goals wherever you are in your biz journey. 

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Private Coaching

The clarity, habits, and systems you need to perform at your peak in all areas of your life. Release the limiting beliefs, doubts, and overwhelm holding you back & raise your vibe, self-worth, and self-confidence. 

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90 minute video call to help you cut through the BS, get you crystal clear on your next steps, and bust through the limiting beliefs holding you back in this moment. Book now and get back into aligned action TODAY. 

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Peak Performance Bootcamp

The tools, strategies, & accountability you need to operate at Peak Performance! Don't miss your opportunity to join our next enrollment period. 

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Kimi’s coaching style IS providing the string for my kite. Where I can lean into my intuition and ideas without getting swept away with every shifting possibility. I'm able to go to her with my dreams and biggest visions (which of course we usually talk ourselves out of, telling ourselves they're unrealistic or too high) and she brings this grounded tethered energy to the largest visions. Removing the threat of personal failure from the inevitable trial and error of entrepreneurship. 

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Christine Yetunde Ajisafe

My breakthrough session with Kimi was amazing. I left feeling really excited about my business. I can’t recommend Kimi enough! I wasn’t sure how exactly she could help me (because I had no idea what I needed), but my intuition told me that she could.  One of my favourite things about working with Kimi was, that it felt like a collaboration. This was great because she got the job done AND I left feeling more confident in myself and my ability to solve challenges in my business. 

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Working with Kimi was a game changer for me and my business. The questions she asked were on point and helped me bust through limiting beliefs I didn’t realize were holding me back. After just ONE call with Kimi, I felt like I had such clarity with moving forward with my business. With Kimi in my corner, I never feel alone...I know someone is cheering me on, asking me questions to propel me forward and helping me get crystal clear on my next step.

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